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Kurtz Designs is a collection of cast-stone wall decor and crosses for the home and garden. Handcrafted in the USA, each item is a unique collectible piece of art.  Artist Sharon Kurtz founded Kurtz Designs 15 years ago, and continues to create new and exciting collections.


Many of the designs are inspired by the enduring beauty of the art and architecture of past civilizations. Sharon's designs rediscover these timeless elements and reimagines them for the 21st century home.  Alaina and Brandon Gideon are also creating new and exciting concepts for Kurtz Designs, as seen in the Touch of Color line.


With each piece made by hand, Kurtz Designs is able to create custom plaques: for a wedding invitation in stone, a home address, a family name, or a favorite saying. Express yourself and your style. Let us create something special - just for you!

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This is a wonderful way to greet guests at your front door or entry way. This style is a favorite for custom designs. See the "Overview" section below for other great ideas.

New online store is open! -Sunday, February 28, 2016
The new Kurtz Designs store is open now! Working in conjunction with the retail stores who carry our products, you can now purchases products online on behalf of your local retailer. Kurtz Designs will fulfill these on behalf of the retail store and ship the items directly to you. We will be constantly adding to our products so please register on our site.